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How your information is utilised?

When a purchase is conducted from MonFri, then the personal information of user is collected by us. It includes address, name and email address. At the time of browsing, your IP address will be received by us automatically so as to get the useful information that helps us make your shopping experience easy.

How your consent is accepted by us?

For the purpose of completing a transaction on the MonFri website, when personal information is provided by users then it is implied that they are offering the consent for its collection by us and make use of it for some particular reasons only. We shall also ask for your directly expressed consent in case this information is intended for secondary purpose such as marketing.

How the consent could be withdrawn by you?

In case you change your mind after opting in then the consent might be withdrawn as well. This will make us contact you for using, collecting or disclosing the personal information on continuous basis. For consent withdrawal, you can contact us anytime via the official mail id – info@monfri.in


The personal information that you provide might be disclosed by us in case it is required to do so by law or in case our terms and conditions are violated by you.

Services of third party:

Generally your information is used, collected or disclosed by third party service providers only to the extent that is required for them to provide us their services by means of desired processes. However, there are own specific privacy policies owned by some of the service providers of third party like transaction processors or payment gateways. Therefore it is essential to provide them with the information so that they can offer the transaction services related to your purchase.


When our website’s links are clicked by you, they might take you or direct you somewhere else from the site. For their privacy practices, we do not hold the responsibility and therefore recommend going through their statements of privacy policy.


For your personal information protection, reasonable precautions are taken by us and best practices of industry are followed so as to assure the fact that it is not misused, lost, disclosed, accessed, destroyed or altered in wrong manner.


The list of cookies used by us is provided below. These are listed here so that you can select whether or not to opt for the cookies:

  • Sessional, unique token that allows storing session information such as landing page, referrer etc.
  • Visit, do not keep any data and from the latest visit, it is persistent just for 30 minutes. It is useful for the tracker of internal stats of website provider so as to keep record of frequency of visits
  • Session id, it is sessional and the token is unique
Changes to the document:

The right for modification of this disclaimer document is solely reserved by MonFri and it could be changed without any advance notice. You need to keep a review of the document for recent updates.