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Professional Blazers for Women: How to Select Best One Suitable For Your Body Shape
Professional Blazers for Women: How to Select Best One Suitable For Your Body Shape

Blazer is an all-time favorite apparel for a working woman to get a professional look. A blazer can change your overall look and also add the extra value to your office wear. But it’s not simple as wear a blazer and you get a nice look. No, it’s not working all the time. An off-designed or mismatched blazer to your dress may ruin your look as well. So, it’s essential to have the right blazer for the right personality.

Today, plenty of designs, shapes and colors are available in the women’s blazer but not all can suit you well. Your body shape plays an important role to choose the right professional blazer for women. Let me tell you, a blazer is one of the costliest apparel in your closet, thus it should be worth what you have paid for.

Let’s Discuss the Body Shape and Suitable Blazer for Working Women:

Triangle Shape:

It means a woman has wide hips and narrow shoulders. If your body shape is like this; you should choose a blazer with a tailored and defined shoulder. Moreover, a ruffling at the collar will draw attention. Black color would be suitable for such type of body shapes.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

If your shoulder width is more than your hips; your body shape is an inverted triangle. To set your body in a balanced shape, opt for a blazer with a soft shoulder. In short, you should avoid tailored edges, shoulder pads. With this blazer; you will see yourself a balanced body shape.

Rectangle Shape:

It means a woman has shoulder and waist width are almost equal and also a long torso. You should opt for a blazer with long lines and hit the below your hip. You can add 1, 2 or 3 buttons to it as per your personal style. It’s totally up to you. If you look gorgeous in this shape; I would recommend you women’s princess blazer that will definitely improve your formal look.

HourGlass Shape:

You are lucky if your body shape is hourglass (the best among them all 4 shapes). You do not need to worry about which one will be suitable for me. Most of the blazer will look awesome on your body whether it’s casual or funky. You will plenty of options to try on you and believe me; almost all give you a great look.

What’s your body shape? Have you measured it? Great! You will have good knowledge to choose the right women blazers online and ready to flaunt your look in the office. For offline shopping; you should visit women's clothing stores in Mumbai to get a perfect piece after getting a trial.

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