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Blazer or Dress: Which is the Best for Women's Work Wear?
Blazer or Dress: Which is the Best for Women's Work Wear?

Hey women, have you ever stand in front of your wardrobe in a morning during weekday & said yourself in mind what to wear today for office? Almost all professional women can provide quick solutions in the corporate world but couldn’t figure out what to wear today. They schedule their tasks for weeks but couldn’t choose the attire for an office. How strange it is! even after figuring out something; you still couldn’t choose which to wear a dress or formal attire with a blazer. This post is completely related to you.

In the modern office, wearing suitable attire is necessary to feel confident and showcase attitude towards your job. Dress and blazer both are all-time favorite dress code for women. But there is always fight in a mind between dress & blazer. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Women’s Dress:

Every professional woman has at least 3-4 dresses of different style, design and color in their closet and wears one once or twice in a week. WHY? When comfort is all you need; nothing can beat a professional dress. A knee-length, straight fit women’s dress in black o grey is the all-time favorite dress for working women. Made from thick fabric and the tailored dress is what you need to attend the business meeting and other work orient events. It will give you a stunning look & improve your body language & personality.

Women’s Blazer:

Blazer is considered as an outer layer of your office dress code. Whether you want to wear it on a formal shirt or t-shirt with trouser; you will look quite professional. There is no doubt attiring a blazer makes you look beautiful but you should have to choose between a midi skirt or trouser. A black blazer is always a great choice for women to look pretty and professional. Numbers of design and styles available in women blazer’s online to choose from the right one that can match with your multiple outfits.

Both dress and blazer have their own merits and dressing styles. Then why not mix these two pieces of clothes to get a stunning look to grab attention in the office? That’s a great idea. While wearing a blazer and dress; you do not need to wear any skirt or pant. This perfect combination can make you feel delightful and feminine.

Final Words:

While comparing these two attires for women; one can’t decide which one is better than others. It’s all up to your choice and body shape. Buy blazers for women; wear it with your matching dress and get an attractive look to turn other’s eyes towards you.

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